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Modular Management & Leadership programmes +

45-90 minute targeted workshops


your remote workforce


We recently created a popular range of shorter workshops that respond directly to the unique challenges remote working in the current VUCA context represents.

Capitalising on the vast experience and specialisms represented by our 38 highly skilled facilitators and coaches, each workshop comprises of 4 components:


Mindful moments to begin and end each session


Personal objectives and challenges check-in


Tips and tools delivery, practice and discussion


30-day Challenge Action Planning & Learning buddy pairs created


Leading remote teams brilliantly


  • Explore the challenges of leading remote teams
  • Reset for effective leadership in a VUCA world
  • Define actions that tailor your leadership style to the requirement of emerging challenges
Self awareness in challenging times

  • Explore your values and moral compass when times are tough
  • Identify some of your triggers and manage your ‘chimp’
  • Design a personal philosophy to guide your actions through this
Motivating remote teams


  • Identify your true motivations
  • The science behind engagement
  • Explore practical actions to motivate your team through a remote lens
Personal + team resilience


  • Explore what resilience is and why it’s so important right now
  • Practical strategies to manage your mindset
  • Ideas for building a resilient team
Innovating the way we work

  • Identify how you personally might need to work differently moving forwards
  • Explore how your team can operate in an innovative way
  • Generate ideas about working differently with clients
Coaching for uncertain times


  • Why adopting a coaching mindset is more important than ever
  • What is coaching and how does it work
  • Establishing internal coaching networks for your own and team performance 
Leading through change


  • Reflecting on your personal experience of change 
  • Understanding the psychology of change to help your teams navigate challenging times
  • Engaging teams through effective remote communication
Confidence through ambiguity


  • Identify what confidence is and where it comes from
  • The core components of how to build confidence
  • Visualising a confident future
Managing anxiety


  • What is anxiety and why do we experience it?
  • Identifying the anxiety in the body
  • Practical tips to manage it
Unleash your extraordinary


  • Explore your ‘Ikigai’ and find your super-power
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • Design a personal philosophy to guide your actions
Leadership connections


    Regular virtual team coaching sessions for groups of 6-12 leaders and/or high potentials.

    • Identify current challenges, both individually and as a business (pre-thinking to be done)
    • Facilitated coaching via DD coach (insights from an expert)
    • Small team break-out sessions (peer-coaching)
Senior executive coaching support


  • Identify current individual challenges (pre-thinking to be done)
  • Facilitated coaching via DD coach or DD senior change consultant 


Our Core management and leadership programmes are now available remotely too.

These highly interactive, live programmes are proving to be a very popular way to Unleash the Extraordinary in managers and leaders.

For each workshop we would recommend:

Each session is followed by learning buddy peer review and coaching sessions, plus facilitated Group Action Learning Sets to support and review learning application.

Having smaller groups in each workshop of 12 delegates which gives optimum contact time. 
Larger groups can attend if needed.

Zoom is our preferred training video platform. We can use others but with Zoom you get the best out of each workshop because it’s easy to use and great for larger groups of people.


your remote workforce

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