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Different Dynamics is a unique leadership development consultancy

  • We help organisations develop their leadership capabilities from board level to first time managers.
  • We take a ‘whole brain’ approach that develops and creates resilient, inspirational, and disruptive leaders with the ability to create strong, long-lasting connections with their people and clients
  • We unlock emotional intelligence and develop extraordinary leaders

We provide three types of service

Our product portfolio is structured to support

Introducing My Leadership Brand

We live and work in a world of brands that powerfully engage and influence us everyday and yet how often as leaders do we stop to consider the impact of our own leadership brand?

  • What do you stand for as a leader and why?
  • This catalytic two-day workshop invites leaders to examine this uncommon question and enables delegates to:
    • Optimise their own leadership brand through courageous authenticity
    • Achieve greater personal impact and deeper connections
    • Become an inspirational influence

My Leadership Brand -Outline

Through a blend of activities, theory, peer coaching, and self-discovery, the two days unfold in conversation, collaboration, laughter, insights, and transformation

Day One: Explore and Engage Your Leadership Brand

  • Understand the link between brand engagement psychology and personal leadership development
  • Appreciate their leadership brand at a deep level
  • Assess, reflect, develop and practice delivering their leadership brand essence for optimal impact
  • Translate insights from the workshop into new and specific individual real world actions


Day Two: Inspire and Influence with Your Leadership Brand

  • Review and further develop their Leadership Brand collateral
  • Understand the various spaces and places they will need to use their leadership brand to influence and inspire various audiences
  • Develop flexibility in the delivery of their leadership brand across a range of different contexts/relationships/outcomes for optimal impact and results
  • Translate insights from the workshop into new and specific individual real world actions


Revealed how powerful putting more of me in the mix could be when leading my organisation and our teams
Helped me value what it is that I uniquely bring to my leadership
This has changed my life inside and outside of work.

~ Kantar Senior Leaders


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