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Different Dynamics is a unique leadership development consultancy

  • We help organisations develop their leadership capabilities from board level to first time managers
  • We take a ‘whole brain’ approach that develops and creates resilient, inspirational, and disruptive leaders with the ability to create strong, long-lasting connections with their people and clients
  • We unlock emotional intelligence and develop extraordinary leaders

We provide three types of service

Our product portfolio is structured to support

Introducing The Executive Dynamics Programme

A hot off the press training programme which provides a unique, ‘whole brain’ approach to developing emotionally intelligent, inspirational and resilient leaders who will thrive within a VUCA world.

  • VUCA describes a landscape characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • The impact of VUCA means the current way many organisations lead themselves is not working
Extraordinary times require extraordinary leaders who can thrive in a VUCA world
  • Businesses are changing from hierarchy to holacracy meaning to succeed, leaders have to adapt and learn how to be at the heart rather than the top of their organisation
  • Leading a multi-generational workforce with different motivations, expectations and communication preferences; agitated by a bombardment of emails, meetings and client demands; leaders are not always able to live up to their responsibilities
  • This flagship programme upskills senior talent to become future fit leaders, taking them on an experiential journey and equipping them with the skills and ability to embed the steps and changes required to future proof themselves, their people and organisation

Executive Dynamics Programme Overview


As one of the fastest growing ad tech companies in the UK it has been imperative for our teams to have the ability and agility to adapt at pace. The Executive Dynamics Programme is helping shape and transform our organisational style, empower our key talent and identify tomorrow’s leaders. Different Dynamics bespoke and adaptable style is perfect for the pace of our business.

~ Justin Taylor, Managing Director, Teads.tv


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